Way Back
Location: Algonquin,Liberty City
Target: Home at Applewhite St
Conditions of mission failure: Player Death
Reward: None
Unlocks: City Tour
"Well, this is my life. Full of short-sighed fools. But it ain't a bad thing. Educes my intelligence."
―Playboy X

Way Back is the Introduction (First mission) of Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to protagonist Trey "Playboy X" Stewart.


The game opens in a dark basement. Playboy has been kidnapped by two masked men. One of them questions Playboy about "the shipment". Playboy doesn't know what the men are talking about, and they argue until the second asks if he surely is Troy Stewart. Playboy is offended and told the men his name is TREY Stewart, and doesn't like the name and is called "Playboy X" by everyone.

The men are frustrated for capturing the wrong guy, knock Playboy out and leave him in the Castle Garden docks. 

Later, Playboy arrives in the house of Dwayne Forge, his father figure and the leader of North Holland Hustlers, a gang Playboy is also part of. Dwayne asks if Playboy got the beer he was sent to buy. Playboy apologizes and says he must've forgotten before leaving to his apartment.


  • Get a car
  • Drive to Dwayne's place in North Holland.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Welcome to Liberty City - Complete the mission

Post Mission Text Message

Dwayne: Come to my crib. Got a job to take care of.

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