Vercetti Gang is Italian gang/mafia organization led by Tommy Vercetti. Created in 1986, some point in 1990, they promoted to Vercetti Family. But they called themselves Vercetti Gang, for informality and difference with mafia organization in Liberty City.

Bruce Muth's report Edit

  • Name : Vercetti Gang aka Vercetti Family (in west coast and Liberty City)
  • Founded : 1986
  • Boss : Tommy Vercetti
  • Underboss(es) : Peppi Sciandra, Max Becker
  • Main Businesses :
    Drug dealing, Counterfeiting, Protection, Car theft, Prostitution
  • Notable enemies : Forelli Family
  • Notes :
    Unlike other mafia families, Vercetti Gang recruits anyone whether they're Italian.
    Expand their territory to Liberty City(1992) and Las Venturas(1993).

Businesses Edit

Vice City Edit

Vercetti Estate Edit

Center of all businesses.

  • Bribing : Bribe VCPD and politicians with several things to get lower permission.

Kaufman Cabs Edit

  • Wheelman Dispatch : Send wheelman to Vercetti Gang members and associates.
  • Evidence Evaporation : Collect evidences from members and associates and abandons them.
  • Info Collection : Hear useful information with cab which set up the wiretapping devices.

Malibu Club Edit

  • Club Management

Sunshine Autos Edit

  • Chop shop

Members Edit

Executives Edit

  • Tommy Vercetti
  • Lance Vance (1958~1986)
    Underboss(1986) → Deceased(1986)
  • Mario Quattrone (1986~?)
    Member and Bodyguard(1986~1988) → Caporegime(1988~1989)
  • Ken Rosenberg (1986~?)
    Lawyer and Consiglieri(1986~1988), Hospitalization(1988~1992), Expelled(1992).
  • Peppi Sciandra (?~?)
    Member(1986~1987) → Caporegime(1987~1988) → Consiglieri(1988~?)
  • Camillo Escariz (?~?)
    Member(1986~1989) → Caporegime(1989~?)

Members Edit

  • Mike Crosby (?~?)
  • Thomas O'Donnell (?~?)
    Car Theft
  • Alonso Madrazo (?~?)
    Drug Dealing

Associates Edit

  • Avery Carrington (1935~1998)
    Business partner(1986~1998), Deceased(1998).
  • Earnest Kelly (1908~?)
    Printer and Counterfeiter(1986~?)

Trivia Edit

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