I'm planning a concept set in 2014 Los Santos based around three intertwinding stories. Kinda similar to Loopiz's Los Santos Chronicles. Like IV & EFLC, each story/episode will have a unique name. Only problem is, I've only got one. So if anyone has any suggestions for the other two, please let me know.

Ok, so it's very similar to Loopiz's Los Santos Chronicles, in the sense that its in LS and features three intertwinding stories. I was thinking of calling it Downtown Dreams. I also want each individual story to have a unique name but i've only got one set in stone. Heres the three stories:

Armenian Dream: The protagonist is Sevan Havakian, an Armenian immigrant. His uncle is the leader of the Havakian Family, a sect of the LS Armenian Mob, and he has called him to America to help him sort out his problems. 

Rags To Riches: The protagonist is Marcus King, a Ballas member who goes under the wing of a highly corrupt businessman. In order to escape the street life, he goes under the wing of Phillip Heston a businessman who is revealed to be corrupt. (Some characters and minor storylines come from my old Street of Ls project)

Paleto Wars: The protagonist is Cesar Fernandez, a cuban Paleto Bay based drug dealer. Due to competition from other gangs in the area, and his debts, he aims to expand his businesses into LS.

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