Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Ludendorff
Mayor: Karl Maine
Population: 8,450
Boroughs: 3
Established: 1945
Country: United States of America
State: North Yankton
Motto: "Home of the World's Largest Beaver"
"Ludendorff, a town filled with kind hearted people and enough murderous intent to make you seem like a god-damn saint, Nygaard. Watch your back."
―Ed Mott

Ludendorff is a large rural town located on the eastern border of State of North Yankton, east of Beaver Lake. It is based off Fargo, North Dakota.

Ludendorff was established in 1945 and still maintains its old-time charm.


Ludendorff was originally a freight junction for passing locomotives. On November 20, 1945, Dietrich "Sour Kraut" Ludendorff, a former US Soldier who fought in World War II, purchased the land from the US Government for twenty cents. The land was deemed useless because of its location and climate, and it became a place for Ludendorff to seek peace, and soon after, US Soldiers joined and its population slowly grew.

In 1947, Ludendorff gained popularity for having the state's first strip club, known as The Peephole. Later that year, it became known as the divorce capital of the United States due to its lenient divorce laws.

In 1952, Ludendorff reached a population of over 1,000. It remained a central trading hub until 1961, when a locomotive's smoke would cause the Great Ludendorff Fire, burning all but the town hall to the ground. It was rebuilt in 1964, albeit never returned to its former glory.

In 1992, Alan Nygaard and Ed Mott robbed an armored truck on its way to Ludendorff, but it crashed at Doderlein Farms, which lead to the arrest of Alan Nygaard. Ed Mott was arrested, but charges were dropped supposedly due to lack of evidence. Soon after, rumors of bribe and corruption began to spread.

In 2003, Tommy Bell, a well-known youngster was arrested for a suspected murder, but is eventually released due to lack of evidence. Losing the trust of most of the town's citizens and unable to get a job, he sets up a liquor store.  

In 2004, Michael Townley, Trevor Philips, Brad Snider, and an unidentified driver robbed a bank in Ludendorff. Three years after the brazen bank heist gone wrong, the quiet and insignificant town Ludendorff was rocked to its very core once more when two very respected members of the community were murdered in cold blood. The mild-mannered Wally Haygaard was suspected to be involved in the murders despite his efforts to conceal the crime.

In 2010, the state of North Yankton became a hot spot for work after oil and petroleum was discovered. As of the 2010 census, Ludendorff had a population of 8,450. 

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The Great Yankton railroad passes around Ludendorff, and is rarely used. Now derelict, it was constructed on the sweat of Irish immigrants, seeking labor. The area started to prosper after the arrival of the Railroad, and the town became known as the "Gateway into the Sunset".





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Main article: Ransom County Sheriff Department


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