Tough Times
For: Dwayne Forge
Target: Dwayne Forge
Conditions of mission failure: Player or Dwayne dies
Reward: No Reward
Unlocks: The X Marks the Spot
Unlocked by: Check Mate
Tough Timesis the penultimate mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life, given to Protagonist Playboy X by Dwayne Forge.


Playboy gets a phone call from Dwayne who orders him to his club. Dwayne is nervous and in the edge of a mental breakdown. Jayvon Simson has ratted Dwayne out to avoid being arrested by the LCPD, and the Feds are coming for him. Henrique Boabo's Hillside Posse has also looking for him. Dwayne is afraid that this is his end. Playboy calms Dwayne down and promises to take him to safety.

Playboy moves Dwayne to a safehouse in Varsity Heights. Dwayne greets him, but just when he's about to get inside, the Police arrives and takes Dwayne to custody. Playboy watches behind the corner. He sees Dwayne secretly dropping a letter on the street. When the cops and Dwayne are gone, Playboy picks up the letter entitled "When it's time to me to step down".

In this letter, intended for Playboy, Dwayne tells how proud he is of him for standing on his side during the times everyone turned their backs. The letter also grands the mantle of the leader of North Holland Hustlers to Playboy. 

Playboy feels grief and happiness at the same time. He vows to be the best successor for Dwayne imaginable. He also has a phone talk with Jayvon, who promises not to screw with him.


  • Get in Dwayne's car
  • Take Dwayne to his safehouse in Varsity Heights
  • Pick up the letter

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete the mission in 5:00

Post Mission Phone Calls

Jayvon: You.. You probably want to talk about Dwayne.. Right? Playboy: You fucking selfish dick. Jayvon: Hey, they were about to BUST ME. They would have taken me to PRISON. Prison ain't for me. Playboy: So you decided to send Dwayne there instead? Jayvon: I was under a lot of pressure. What would you do in that kind of situation? Playboy: Face my fears. Jayvon: Oh that is SO deep... Stop that, you are not some know-it-all philosopher. You should thank me! Thanks to me, you're now in control! Ain't this what you always dreamed about? Playboy: Thank you, Jayvon.. Thanks a bunch. As a reward, I am going to let you live as long as you don't screw with me. Jayvon: Deal. Bye.

Lugiano: Mister Big. Playboy: Hi, Lugiano. Lugiano: So, how it feels? The power? The stature? Feels good, doesn't it? Playboy: Well, I'm trying to put my head together.. This all happened so quickly. But in time.. I'll get used to it. Lugiano: We can't live happily forever after yet. There's one more thing we need to take care of. Our old friend. Playboy: Henrique? Lugiano: Come by my restaurant when your head is complete.


  • In this mission, the Player can find a Golden Weapon. A Golden RPG can found under a car behind Dwayne's safehouse in Varsity Heights.

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