This Really Blows
For: Dwayne Forge
Location: The Triangle Club
Target: Dwayne's truck full of explosives
Conditions of mission failure: Player dies, Truck blows up
Reward: 100$
Unlocks: The End Justifies the Means, Funeral March (If Sound of Music is completed)
Unlocked by: Exterminating
Dwayne: "Rats! Fuckin' dogs! Motherfuckin' pigs! I gave you guys everything! And this is how them asswipes thank me? I fucking rule North Holland! I'm a king, not some bloody petting zoo owner!"
Playboy: "Well, you ain't dead yet nor behind bars, so the situation ain't completely hopeless."
―Dwayne Forge and Playboy X discuss about Fed rats inside North Holland Hustlers

This Really Blows is the eleventh story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to protagonist Playboy X by Dwayne Forge.


Playboy receives a phone call from nervous Dwayne, who orders him to come to The Triangle Club immeaditely.

Playboy founds Dwayne from his office. He has locked the door and Playboy must prove heis identity before Dwayne can allow him to enter. Basket case Dwayne explains how he can trust no one after Jayvon identified a rat inside North Holland Hustlers. Dwayne needs to deliver a truck for the Lost MC, but due to his current state, Playboy volunteers to do the job.

Playboy finds the truck and calls Dwayne, who reveals that the truck is full of explosives, so he must drive carefully.

Playboy manages to deliver the truck and is greeted by Billy Grey, the president of Lost.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Get the truck from Dillon Street
  • Deliver the truck to the Lost clubhouse

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Vehicle Damage - Finish without damaging th truck
  • Time - Complete in 4:00


The reward for completing is 100$. 

Post Mission Phone CallEdit

Billy Grey: Hey, kiddo, I got your number. Thanks for the truck. Playboy: No problem, glad to do business with you. Billy Grey: Good, because we're gonna do it AGAIN. Come to our clubhouse and we can talk. 


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