The End Justifies the Means
For: Billy Grey
Location: Alderney, Lost MC Club House
Target: The Lost MC
Conditions of mission failure: Player is killed, Bike is destroyed
Reward: 2500$
Unlocks: Finders Keepers
Unlocked by: This Really Blows
"My problem is my underlings, who just refuse to start a good old-fashioned gang war with the Deadbeats. This club was formed by Vietnam veterans, but the new generation turns into hippies in distress? Talk about irony!"
―Billy Grey

The End Justifies the Means is the fourteenth story mission in GTA: Playboy Life given to protagonist Playboy X by The Lost MC President Billy Grey.


After delivering Dwayne's truck for The Lost, Playboy is contacted by Billy Grey, the president of the Lost, who needs help.

Playboy meets Billy at the backdoor of Lost clubhouse. Billy explains, that he thinks their archenemies, The Angels of Death, have gotten too powerful in Alderney. Billy wants to start a war with them, but the rest of the Lost ain't so eager about it. So, Billy needs a good excuse to start the war. He orders Playboy to put on an AoD jacket, and go drive-by shoot some of the Lost members. Maybe that'll change their mind.

Playboy questions Billy's morality, but he just replies that "sacrifices must be made" and "the end justifies the means". Playboy then obeys Grey's orders and kills 20 members of the Lost.

Billy calls Playboy and says they'll meet again soon.


  • Get the AoD jacket
  • Find a bike
  • Drive around Alderney and shoot Lost members

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Unmarked - Finish with minimum damage on health and armor
  • Vehicle Damage - Finish with minimum damage on your bike


The reward for completing is 2500$. The Angels of Death jacket can now be worn by Playboy.

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