In Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone, television has been changed to fit the late 90's. As a result, some of the programs are different.

Viewable Programs


Weazel is a parody of Fox Broadcasting Company and features the following programing:

  • Divorced...with Abortions
  • Enemies
  • Just the Five of Us
  • Swapmeet
  • The Blunder Years
  • The Stomplins


CNT is a parody of CNN, CBS & ABC and features the following programing:

  • Empty House
  • Family Cares
  • Girl Meets Dope
  • Home Dissapointment
  • Saved by Nothing
  • The Dull Prince of Tornado Alley

Quincy Channel

Quincy Channel is a parody of Disney Channel and Toon Disney and features the following programing:

  • Bill of the Past
  • Dumb Trump
  • Gloria Florida
  • School's Out
  • The Permanents
  • Turdwing Turkey
  • Zoe Dangerous

Toonz Nation

Toonz Nation is a parody of Cartoon Network and features the following programing:

  • Al, All & Ally
  • Coward the Courageous Cat
  • Powerduffed Boys
  • The Anisanes
  • Tommy's Labaratory

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