Tatsu Hsiang
Tatsu Hsiang
Appearance(s): GTA: King of The Hill
Status: Determinant
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1981
Place of birth: China
Date of death: 2013 (Aged 32, Player's Choice)
Nationality: Chinese-American
Main affiliation: Miklos Lipton
Businesses: Meat Factory, Several small operations in Port of Los Santos
Voiced by: Gong Li
"You should rely more on common sense than your feelings. In this business, people care of themselves."
―Tatsu Hsiang
Tatsu Hsiang is a character in the Grand Theft Auto Series, who appears as a central character in GTA: King of The Hill. Tatsu is the underboss of the Los Santos Triads.



Tatsu was born in China in 1981. She got involved with the Triads in 2000 after she murdered her fiancé and took his place as an underboss in Wei Cheng's family. She has kept this rank for 13 years.

Events in King of The Hill

Tatsu leads her unit of the LS Triads, when her businesses start being harassed by Miklos Lipton, a newcomer in the underworld of San Andreas. With the help of Tatsu's longtime archenemy Alan Nazarian, Miklos not only tries to force Hsiang's Triads to fall under his control, but also irritates Tatsu by crashing her party and burning her intimate objects, most likely as a favor or Nazarian.

Miklos and Tatsu eventually form a partnership. Much to Miklos' worry, Tatsu still continues violating Alan's businesses even though they both are part of Miklos' team now.

Things Get Complex

Tatsu calls Alan too unpredictable and self-willed, that he is completely lost after Miklos killed Eduard Khachaturian, his assistant. Tatsu hopes Miklos will put Nazarian down before he causes the whole Lipton Crime Empire to collapse. Alan, in turn, wants Miklos to get rid of Tatsu, as he believes she's trying to get control of Miklos. She tricked Miklos to kill Alan's men and steal his drugs after all. Miklos then has two choices:

If Miklos chooses to kill Tatsu, he'll find her at the Port of Los Santos. Triads try to protect their leader, but are easily defeated by Miklos. He then executes Tatsu at her cabin. Alan is thankful to Miklos for choosing Tatsu, and Miklos can now on call Alan to hang out with him.

If Miklos chooses to kill Alan, he'll find him in his penthouse. Alan tries to fight back alone, but has no chance against military trained Lipton. Tatsu thanks Miklos for making the right choice, and Triads take over Nazarian's businesses. Tatsu then cuts her ties with Miklos and leaves back to China.


Tatsu is a smart leader of her unit of the Triads. She always reminds Miklos to use his brains when leading his criminal empire. She also has a deep rivalry with Alan Nazarian and the Armenian Mafia, and perpetually tells Miklos to get rid of them, as she sees them as a threat to the welfare of Miklos' organization due to Alan's unpredictability.

Mission Appearances

King of The Hill


  • Should the Player either kill Tatsu or Alan, the Triads will still cut their ties with Lipton Gang.