Tall Enough for the Ride
For: Lugiano Lupisella
Location: Lupisella restaurant
Target: Gambetti Family deal
Conditions of mission failure: Player or Boabo dies
Reward: Ability to recruit 3 gang members
Unlocks: Breakdown, Log Out
Unlocked by: Finders Keepers
"The Gambettis are still not able to share their yield with us. I mean, we're both in Comission! What's the point having these secret deals? It's like they're begging to get robbed!"
―Lugiano Lupisella

Tall Enough for the Ride is the seventeenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to protagonist Trey "Playboy X" Stewart by Lugiano Lupisella.


After bringing Lugiano the money he stole from Oliver Pegorino, Playboy gets a phone call. It's Lugiano, who needs Playboy's help once again. They agree to meet up at Lupisella Family's restaurant in The Exchange.

Playboy arrives and meets Henrique Boabo, the leader of Hillside Posse and Lugiano's associate. Lugiano explains, that Jimmy Pegorino is still mad at him, and he thinks the only way to gain peace between the families is to take down Oliver and stop his conspiracy against his father.

This though isn't the issue why Lugiano needs Playboy. The Gambetti Family is having a drug deal in Firefly Island, and Lupisellas want a piece of it too. Boabo is Lugiano's Broker-Dukes Agent, so he will accompany Playboy in this job. Playboy and Boabo get on wheels and head to the Funland.

They arrive in FIrefly Island and follow the Gambettis in order to find the deal. Playboy surveys the situation with a sniper rifle. Boabo gives a sign and Playboy starts shooting. The Russians the Gambettis are dealing whit try to hide with the product, but are hunt down by Playboy.

Playboy drops Boabo by his house, who says he might give him a call sometime.


  • Go to Firefly Island
  • Follow the Gambettis
  • Get a good Spot
  • Oversee the deal until Henrique's sign
  • Defeat all Enemies
  • Find the hiding Russians
  • Get the Product
  • Give Henrique a ride home

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Time - Complete in 7:00
  • Unmarked - Finish with minimum damage on health and armor
  • Accuracy - FInish with an accuracy of at least 70%
  • 100% Headshots - Kill all the Enemies via headshot


The reward for completing is the ability to recruit 3 gang members.

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