Appearance(s): None
Name: Tequesta
Capital: Vice City
Governor: Bradley Cunningham
Population: 19,522,000 - 2013 est.
Size: 65,255 sq mi
Established: March 3, 1845
Motto: "Some Like It Hot!"
"It's like it never stopped being the fifties downs there. I can get my Cubans and my cigars on the same day"
Arlo Chaviano, (Little Things)
The State of Tequesta is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States of America. Tequesta is often noted for the number of illegal immigrants entering through the state from Cuba, as well as some Mexican Provinces. Its largest city is Tocobaga.

Tequesta is based off the real state of Florida and named after the Tequesta.


Vice-Avilez County

Shell County

  • Tocobaga

Manrique County

  • Cottonmouth