A view of a Chippewan city.
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Middle Eastern Blood
Name: Chippewa
Capital: Everett
Governor: Mary Alquist
Population: 9,900,000
Size: 97,000 square miles
Established: January 26th, 1837
Motto: Only the worthy deserve to see the peninsula

The State of Chippewa is a state in the Upper Midwestern region of the United States of America.


Urban Areas

Arnold County

  • Carcer City, Carcer City is the city that makes Chippewa known to the world.  Back in the 1950s, it had a population of 1.8 million and used to be loved by tons of people until everybody notices it's a giant shithole with tons of crime.  When they found out about the crime, tons of people left.  Population around 2003: 925,000

Meijer County

  • Quickwater, People say the city is full of drunkards and lazy fat asses who lay in their couches.  They are wrong, it is actually full of "legitimate" beer and furniture makers.  Most of these are fronts for drug dealing.  Forget about that aspect though, you can ride through really fast rapids, it's for those thrill seekers.  Population around 2003: 200,000

Ojibwe County

  • Bunker Hill, People say that this city is safe because of how has almost no violent crimes.  Sadly, the city has tons of burglaries and thefts, so don't bring a wallet with you, hell, don't even out your prized possessions in your house.  Population around 2003: 135,000







  • The state is based of Michigan.