Spray Tags
Vital statistics
Game King of The Hill
For Miklos Lipton
Location N/A
Prerequisites Spray Can
Mission Failure N/A
Rewards N/A
Protagonist(s) Miklos Lipton
Previous Next
A Train To East Los Santos Misunderstood Artist
"Oh, I'm a real artist by heart. I even amaze myself."
―Miklos Lipton doing a spray tag

Spray Tags are collectibles side missions in Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill.

Description Edit

After A Train To East Los Santos, Alan Nazarian suggests Miklos starts spraying Lipton Gang logo and catchy slogans all over town to get attention. Yeah, why not?

There are 50 spots in Los Santos and Blaine County that the player needs to tag in order to unlock the Strangers & Freaks mission; Misunderstood Artist.

Location Map Edit

KoTH Spray Tags

Misunderstood Artist Edit

After tagging all 50 spots, the Stranger & Freaks-side quest is unlocked.

Miklos confronts a street artist who's tagging over Miklos' sprays. The artist runs away and Miklos gives a chase. After some running and parkouring, the artist gets to his Ballas friends who attack Miklos, forcing him to take them down.

The player can then pick up the bags of money (13000$) they leave behind.

Rewards Edit

  • Free vehicle resprays in Los Santos Customs
  • Surrealisticly colorful sport coat

Objectives Edit

  • Chase the street artist
  • Take down the Ballas

Gold Medal Objectives Edit

  • Headshots - Kill all enemies via headshot
  • You'll Pay For This - Pick up the money bags

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