This is the list of side missions featured in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life

Pieces of JournalEdit

Dwayne briefly mentions his cousin Wayne Forge, who mysteriously died a couple years back. When wandering around the city,Playboy finds a paper scrap. The paper is a piece of journal, that mentions Wayne. Playboy decides to try find all the journal pieces, in order to perhaps uncover the mystery of Wayne's death.


Journal Piece locations

After founding all the pieces, Playboy finds out the identity of Wayne's killer; A man named Timmy T. Playboy confronts Timmy in his house in Cerveza Heights. Timmy confesses he killed Wayne just for fun, and is killed by Playboy after a gunfight with him and his men.

Reward: 50000$ and Timmy T's lime green leather jacket can be worn by Playboy

Boat TheftsEdit

Playboy recieves a call from Stevie, who demands back his boat Playboy, Henrique Boabo and Real Badman took. Playboy doesn't know where Boabo and Badman took the boat, but promises to compensate Stevie's loss. Stevie then orders him to steal 15 boats around Liberty City and bring them to him in Charge Island.


Boat Locations

Reward: AK-47 delivered to all safehouses

Golden WeaponsEdit

During certain story missions, the Player is able to found a golden versions of weapons, that have unlimited ammo. The weapons are:

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