Shopping Spree
For: Dwayne Forge
Location: Around Algonquin, Liberty City
Target: Protect Dwayne and Cherise when they shopping.
Conditions of mission failure: Player,Dwayne or Cherise Death or Car Destoryed
Reward: $150 & Clothes shop
Unlocks: Money Solves
Unlocked by: Cremation
Dwayne: "Me and Cherise go to shopping, but someone's put a bounty on my head. You come too. Just in case there's gonna be "distraction"."
Playboy: "Even drug lords should have quality time with their girlfriends in peace. Is nothing sacred anymore?"
―Dwayne Forge and Playboy X

Shopping Spree is the Third Mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy life Given by Dwayne Forge and given to Protagonist Trey "Playboy X" Stewart.


Dwayne and his girlfriend, Cherise Glover are going to shopping. Dwayne orders Playboy to protect them, because the Dominican assassins may be spying around there waiting to kill Dwayne or Cherise. 


  • Get in The car with Dwayne and Cherise
  • Go to the First Shop
  • Takeout the Sniper
  • Drive to the next Shop
  • Clear the room from the Spy
  • Drive to the last Shop
  • Clear the room from the Spy
  • Lose the Dominican Assassins
  • Go back to the House

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Marksman - Take out Kazan on a first shot
  • Meet the Spy - Don't use guns when taking out the spies
  • Quick Escape - Lose the Dominican Assassins in 1:00


  • Kazan - Killed by Playboy X for snipe and tried to kill Dwayne,Cherise and Playboy it self.
  • Lot of Dominican Assassins - Killed by Playboy X to protect Dwayne and Cherise


The player is rewarded $150 and the Ability that'll allow the player to buy Clothes at the Shop. Additionally the mission Money Solves for Dwayne is now unlocked, Also 2 collectible (Gold box) is found.

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