Captain Robert Crusoe
Robert Crusoe
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Rush

Blood Brothers

Full name: Captain Robert Crusoe
Also known as: "Captain"


Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Home: City of New Peachtree
Nationality: American/Caucasian
Family: Unnamed Daughter
Main affiliation: New Peachtree Police Department
Voiced by: Mike Powers
"This city will swallow you whole, you and your little gang of hitmen Michael. You're gonna need a hand, let me be that hand. I'd hate to see another body washed up the Dike."
―Robert Crusoe "Change of Heart"
Captain Robert "Robbie" Crusoe is a character in the Grand Theft Auto Fanon series who appears as a central character in Grand Theft Auto: Rush and the Blood Brothers DLC. He currently works at the New Peachtree Police Department at Charlotteville Police Station.

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