Renee Snyder
Appearance(s): Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords
Full name: Renee Snyder
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1982
Place of birth: Liberty City
Home: Los Santos, San Andreas
Nationality: American
Family: Max O'Sullivan (Husband)
Tim (Brother)
Main affiliation: Penelope Cash
Christian Bell
Vehicle(s): Schwartzer
"Oh, I already have everything I want. I don't need Chris' money. I have an enjoyable job, rich husband, casual sex with variety of partners.. Life is good."
―Renee Snyder

Renee Snyder is a main character in Los Santos Chronicles - Deadly Discords


Renee Snyder is a lifestyle coach and the wife of a contractor Max O'Sullivan. She's cheating on her husband with numerous men, but stays with him for the money and luxury.

Events in Deadly DiscordsEdit

Renee has lent Christian Bell some money, and in 2014, she contacts him. Chris, who's having enough problems with his other creditors, sends his assistant Penelope Cash to negotiate with Renee.

Renee promises to forgive Chris if Penelope works for her. These "little errands", as Renee calls them, include stealing a luxury car, taking pictures of her brother cheating on his wife, etc.

After Penelope kills one of her psychotic ex-lover, Renee considers she and Chris are even.

Mission AppearancesEdit

Deadly DiscordsEdit

  • First impressions (Boss)
  • Sextacular (Boss)
  • Strong Feelings (Boss)
  • Ex-Terminator (Boss)


  • Renee wasn't included in the BETA version of the game, making her missions rather irrelevant for the main story.

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