The following is a list of radio stations in Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone

Represent Radio

Slogan: "The Sound Of The Streets"

Genre: Rap, Hip-Hop


Slogan: "Shut Up & Listen"

Genre: Talk Radio

  • Fernando's Love Triangle 

Hosted by the (in)famous Fernando Martinez , after a failed career in San Andreas, he has since resurfaced in New Hamilton City. It is similar to Lonely Hearts, a show in San Andreas he highjacked in 1992, and he had sex with one of the HCTR staff who let him have his own show. In this show, he gives out very abnormal 'advice' about sex, love and other things. At one point, Gerrald Bell calls into the show.

  • Y2K Watch 

​Hosted by No Name, a consipiracy theorist originally from Paleto Bay. No Name talks about various conspiracy theories. His theories include everything fom the government using porn to spy on him to Bison being inhabited by aliens. His theories are rejected by the public. 

  • Gossip City 

​Hosted by Christina Batesa 21 year old journalist. Gossip City is dedicated entirely to celebrity gossip. From famous Vinewood Actors' sex lives, to a guide on collecting items used by celebrities themselves, Bates has it all covered. 


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