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Most roles of police departments in Grand Theft Auto: Deleted Scenes are the same as in any other Grand Theft Auto title. However, some canonical descriptions are changed and other new creations are added.


Before 1986 Edit

  • Sonny Forelli bribes LCPD for trapping Tommy. For LCPD, they can get a police achievement and the spotlight of public/press. For Sonny, he can just achieve personal vengeance.
  • Carlos Morales works for Sonny Forelli, beginning in 1984. His newbie partner, Leon McAffrey, learns about the Liberty City Mafia and others.
    In fact, Morales arrested Tommy Vercetti in 1969.

1986-1992 Edit

1992-1998 Edit

1998-2001 Edit


Before 1986 Edit

  • Samuel Deever became leader of VCPD Drug Division.
    He is character of Grand Theft Auto 1.
  • Bryan Forbes starts investigation on drug deals in Vice City, but he is killed by Victor Vance. Sean Crickett succeeds Forbes' work.

1986-1992 Edit




FIB Edit

※ In GTA 3D Universe, FIB (in HD Universe) called FBI, their real name, but I have to change their name for real organization. In same reason, CIA changed to IAA (in HD Universe).

Before 1986 Edit

  • Bruce Muth, an FIB agent, starts personal investigation with his very few partners. Their first target is Sonny Forelli.

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