Money Solves
For: Dwayne Forge
Location: Liberty City
Target: Money at Gambetti Warehouse
Conditions of mission failure: Player death or Arrested.
Reward: None
Unlocks: Guardian Angels
Unlocked by: Shopping Spree
"The Gambettis though have much more money than they're ever going to spend, and since they don't know what "sharing is caring" means, the excessive cash must be taken from them by force."
―Lugiano Lupisella

Money Solves is the fifth Mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy life Given by Dwayne Forge and given to Protagonist Trey "Playboy X" Stewart.


Dwayne introduces Playboy to Lugiano Lupisella, the capo of Lupisella family. Lugiano has hired the North Holland Hustlers to clean a warehouse belonging to Gambetti Family. When the attackers are hoodlums, no one can connect the Lupisellas to the robbery. Dwayne sends Playboy and some of his boys to do the job.

Playboy and Dwayne's boys get to the warehouse, attack the Gambettis and steal as much money as they can before the auxiliary troops arrive.

After the heist, Playboy takes the money to Dwayne and Lugiano. Dwayne praises Playboy. Lugiano is impressed and says he might call him some time.


  • Get 4 door car
  • Go to the warehouse
  • Whlist they fight, go to backyard door
  • Clear the room from Gambettis
  • Steal the money 
  • Go to Lupisella restaurant

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Time - Complete the mission in 6:00
  • Headshots - Kill 5 Gambettis via headshot
  • Accuracy - Have an accuracy of at least 60%
  • From Rags to Riches - Steal at least 3000$


There no any Monetary reward (all money was taken by Lugiano) but mission Guardian Angels was unlocked.

Post Missions Phone CallEdit

Playboy: Who is this? Lugiano: You could've just said "hello". Playboy: Ah, Lugiano. Did Dwayne gave my number or... Lugiano: Listen, I always make my calls short. Come back to our restaurant. Cya.


  • The members of North Holland Hustlers have unlimited health, but in return, they deal minimum damage on enemies.
  • The first appearance of Lugiano Lupisella.

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