This is the list of missions in Grand Theft Auto III: Shoreside Vale.

The missions of the game can only be completed in the order listed. Missions can be replayed afterwards. The missions also has scoring feature like in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

In total, there are 15 missions. Which are the following:

Storyline MissionsEdit

Zeke Cooper

  • Happy Couple : Pick up Dwight, Casey and Irwin and drive back to the safehouse

Dwight Dalton

Zeke Cooper

Dwight Dalton

  • Predominance : Slaughter a SWAT-team, which is after the Cooper Bronanza

Zeke Cooper

  • Water Power : Turn off the power at the dam for Mansion Heist

Mia Cooper

  • Love Hurts : Go to the airport and kill Zeke Cooper

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