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This is the List of Missions in Grand Theft Auto: Donatello Abarca

November, 2010Edit


Jeremiah Fitzgerald (J)

  • The Pick-Up - Take Jeremy great-grandson and widowed granddaughter-in-law from Hospital to Von Crastenburg Hotel.
  • The Mentor and the Student - Get the Photo of Several location in Vice City, Send it to your Email and print it at Print Works.
  • The Wife - Buy some Flowers from Flower shop and take them to his Wife's Grave.
  • Fate - Take Thomas to the Vice City Tour

January, 2011Edit

Donatello Abarca

  • Out - Leave the Hospital with Bonnie Abarca

Jonathon "Poker" Kami (P)

Leon Jackson (L)

  • The Right Hardware - Ambsuh the meeting of Mercs,Chase and Kill Nelson Greedy then escape the Tank
  • Tank, Tank, Tank! - Steal a Tank from DOSE Headquarters and Wreak havoc without harming innocent citizens,then Drive it back to Headquarters.
  • Planning Good - Rescue Malc and DeSean from the Cops.
  • Military Weapons - Steal a Truck and Take it to the lock-up in Heil.
  • Mule - Escape the DOSE Officer

Donatello Abarca (D)

  • A Loving Uncle - Rescue your niece/daughter and Kill Real Badman
  • Public Humiliation - Meet with Darren and then humiliate Don to the get his forgiveness
  • The Teacher’s Pet - Meet with Chelsea Fox, follow her to her apartment and then save her from College Sex Addicts
  • Phnom Penh ‘11 - Ride a helicopter to the Eagle’s Movements hideout and spray it with a LMG
  • The Tropics - Speak with the Shark Islanders and then defend them from the Kidnapper's goon.
  • White Stallionz - Speak with Joseph Harley and then escape the White Stallionz attack.
  • Shoplifter - Pick-up Alison from the grocery store and take her home

Maurice Abarca (M)

  • Cleaning out the Trash - Destroy drugs van belonging to the Eagle Movement
  • First Place - Come first place in a race with Maurice
  • Rigging the Rig - Go to port rig a truck rig and then follow it to the Movement's hideout to destroy it.
  • Brotherly Times - Kill Devlin Abbas after bring illegal drugs into Vice City

Ian Sanchez (S)

  • Attendance - Attend the Families meeting
  • Removal - Go see the Trailer Park Mafia with their removal from the families and then escape their attack
  • If You Did It - Collect Sanchez's money duffel bags and bring them back to the mansion
  • Son - Take Ian's money to his son Brian.
  • Putas - Earn the trust of the Red County Putas and race them.
  • Leak - Follow Brian to find out if he is selling out the Cartel.

Bonnie Abarca (B)

  • Prey and Predator - Search for the blackmailer with Prey and Predator and blackmail into leaving Bonnie's alone.

Ashley Butler (A)

  • Capsized - Head out to the Altantic and take down ship containing tons of different drugs.

Kidnapper's Goon

  • Bomb Disposal - Defuse a bomb on a school bus
  • The Ultimatum - Kill Marilyn Adrian
  • The Politic - Save Thomas Stubbs from the paparazzi and get him to the airport

Poker (P)

  • Evidence Dash – Steal shameful evidence from the triads and burn it
  • Personal or Professional – Eliminate Fai Zhang and neutralize the triad activities in Vice City
  • Agreements – Meet up with Huang Lee and Hsin Joaming
  • Clear the Sea – Collect the weapons dropped in the sea and return them to Poker
  • Hot Wheels – Collect Poker’s Car from the Autoshop

Leon Jackson (L)

  • Photo Opportunity – Acquire photos of the employees of the PMC firm
  • Jose Martinez – Find and Question Jose Martinez/Mike Toreno
  • The Expert Photographer – Get photos of the building and its surroundings
  • The PMC Menace – Track down Terry Mason and recruit him

Maurice Abarca Jr. (M)

  • Moving the Movement - Hijack a truck with suspicious cargo and take it back to the mansion
  • Return to Sender - Take the rigged warhead back to the Eagle Movement's main base out on sea.
  • Let Loose - Free Rishi Verma from Poker's trunk and then survive the Feudal Yakuza attack.
  • Trespasser- Takeout the trespasser

Donatello Abarca (D)

  • Payment - Meet with Claude at the exchange location and then escape an ambush with Rishi Verma and the Eagle Movement
  • Customs - Meet with US Customs Lewis Ford and steal Akira Hana's car
  • Tormenting the Tormentor - Save Claude from his main antagonist and help him eliminate him.

Mike Toreno (T)

  • Clue Follower – Follow a set of clues to locate main operating base of the Eagle Movement with the set clues Mike left you
  • Enemies of the State – Provide sniper support from the ISA, as they storm an Eagle Movement warehouse and capture their target
  • Robotics – Use an unmanned vehicle to place a bug on container belonging to the Movement, without alarming or killing anyone
  • PMC Meltdown – Take the information back to Leon

Darren Maidenington (Dm)

  • Hack This… - Go to a computer and write an email to the hacker
  • …Hack This – Meet with the hacker and take his notes back to Darren
  • Keeping the City Safe – Head to the Beachside Hoodlums-Movement deal and steal their drug van, then destroy it.
  • Invader – Invade the hacker’s house and get the real notes for Darren without getting caught

Leon Jackson (L)

  • Takedown - Takedown DOSE Headquarters

Kidnapper's Goons

  • A Loving Sister - Save Bonnie from the kidnappers
  • Emergency Service - Steal a Police Car, Ambulance and Fire Truck for the kidnapper and take ‘em to their lock-ups

Bonnie Abarca (B)

  • Wrong Feels Right – Take Bonnie out on a date and then take her back home
  • My Sister, My Lover – Go for a bike ride with Bonnie and then escape the Eagle Movement members
  • Taste - Kill Yai Anuwat after Murdering the Band Taste and takeout the Hoodlums
  • Snapped - Take Mori Kibbutz's body to the Feudal-Key Connecting Bridge
  • Why Can't We Stop - Stop Chelsea from revealing the secret
  • Amir's Offer - Meet up with Yusuf and take him to Pole Position Club

Yusuf Amir (Y)

  • Club Management – Take Yusuf Amir to recruit a bouncer, security manager and barmen/barmaids
  • Like My Show? – Take Lazlow back to his studio.
  • Umberto Robina – Meet Umberto Robina and prove to him you’re a worthy driver
  • Business Rival – Track down Brian Meech and convince him to leave the club alone
  • Investigation Over – Get rid of Brian’s private investigator Lester Leroc and his evidence against Yusuf
  • Storming the Trailer Park – Head to Trailer Park, fight through the Trailer Park Mafia and eliminate Brian Meech

Lazlow Jones and Poppy Mitchell (Film Studios icon)

  • That’s a Wrap – Get footage of Poppy Mitchell and Katt Maguire for Lazlow’s film (Lazlow as Mission Boss)
  • Employment Offer – Talk with Poppy Mitchell and employ her for Lazlow’s show (Lazlow as Boss)
  • Party Crashers – Chaperone Poppy to Cloe Parker’s party and then protect the celebrities from the Eagle Movement raid (Poppy as Boss)
  • The Mafioso Agent – Poppy recruits Don as the an agent and with Lazlow’s help, them sabotage Cloe Parker’s car (Poppy and Lazlow as Boss)
  • Fame or Shame – Help Lazlow audition for Fame or Shame as a host (Lazlow as Boss)
  • Studio Shootout – Defend the Studio from the Trailer Park Mafia (Poppy Mitchell as Boss)

Umberto Robina (U)

  • The Bum Owner – Take control of the Liquor Store owned by Jerry Kapowitz
  • Business Establishment – Head over to the construction site behind the Liquor Store and pay the workers to build a parking lot opposite and behind the store
  • Fresh Meat – Go find Mel and save him from the Trailer Park Mobsters
  • A Fine Establishment – Protect the Liquor Store from Trailer Park Mobsters and Feudal Yakuza members

Kidnapper's goons

  • Bus Stop – Ram a bus with Thomas Stubbs in it off the bridge

Rocco Pelosi (P)

  • A Price to Pay - Kill Henrique Bardas and Armando Torres
  • Goodnight Sweet Prince - Eliminate Tony Prince
  • Fuelled Up – Destroy the gas station funded and protected by the Messina Crime Family
  • Finding Thomas – Look with Rocco for the possible location of Thomas and then survive the Eagle Movement, FIB, US Custom and Feudal Yakuza stand-off
  • Assassinating the Assassin – Head to The Fixer’s lot and fight through his henchmen to get rid of him

Poker (P)

  • Kidnapper’s Payment – Get to the deal, survive the ambush and eliminate Harper Ortiz
  • Shame or Honour – Get to airport, board Hsin's plane and eliminate him and his men.

Yusuf (Y)

  • Trolling the Troll – Go to the Trailer Park and spray graffiti onto Geoffrey Storm’s trailer
  • Seeking the Truth – Meet up with another suspected kidnapper and then survive the ensuring ambush
  • Revelations – Meet with Yusuf at the mall

Kidnapper's Goons

  • Uranium Deal - Pick up the Uranium and take them back to the lock-up.

Poppy Mitchell (Film Studios Icon)

  • Agent Don – Save Poppy, Bonnie and Gracie from Noh and the Liberty City Triad remnants

Donatello Abarca (D)

  • The Score – Plan a heist
  • The Website – Go to Sunshine Autos and get the website for the car show
  • The Distraction – Get photographs of the Bank of Vice City
  • Stealing the Show – Steal the Antique Cars from the show and take them to airport

Darren Maidenington (Dm)

  • Apology Accepted - Meet up with Darren to accept his apology

Poker (P)

  • Mr. and Mrs Abarca – Get to Don’s/your wedding
  • Rocco Pelosi – Survive Rocco’s betrayal
  • Saving Maurice – Save and reconcile with Maurice
  • Revenge - Kill Geoffrey Storm

Humphrey Schmidt (H)

  • A Day at the Office – Take Humphrey to the Post Office and survive the Trailer Park Mafia ambush
  • Development – Protect Humphrey from Rocco’s hitmen

Ending Missions Edit

Poker (P)

  • Thomas Fitzgerald - Don finds Poker’s mansion and empty and bomb. Following a call from Poker he learns the possible location Thomas. Following call from Neville, he says that bomb at Poker's well guarded mansion is suspicious.

Successful ending

Neville Turner (N)

  • Rigged to Blow - Defuse the bomb and then get to warehouse ambush to save Johnny and Leon

Poker (P)

  • Kid's A Hero - Learn the truth, get stuffed in the basement with Thomas, escape and then take down Poker.

Failed Ending

Thomas Fitzgerald (F)

  • Action/Reaction - Go to suspected location of Thomas and then survive the ambush.

Poker (D)

  • Last Bet for Poker – Meet Poker at the Abarca Mansion, avenge Thomas and kill Poker and his Yakuza

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