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Why you look so afraid? Don’t look at the gun, just look into my face, okay. At least you know whose your angel of death
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Мария Виноградова
L&S MariaVinogradova
Appearance(s): L&S MiniLogo
Also known as: Angel (codename)
Angel Hobbes
Vin (by Emmelie)
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1993 (age 24)
Place of birth: Liberty City
Nationality: Russian-American
Family: Sergei (father †)
Yulia Vinogradova (mother †)
Main affiliation: Thomas Kingston
Andrea Acconcia
Earl Livingstone
Charles Koch
Petrovic Family (formerly)
Vehicle(s): White Surano
Players choice
Voiced by: Aleksandra Bortich

Maria Vinogradova (Russian : Мария Виноградова) is one of the three main protagonist in Light  & Shadow along with Thomas Kingston and Andrea Acconcia. Maria is a young Russian-American freelance hitwoman originated from Liberty City.

Maria has numerous number of inspirations, especially Mona Sax from fellow Rockstar Games franchise, Max Payne and Mona Demarkov from Romeo Is Bleeding neo-noir film that inspire her Russian background.

In the game, Maria has a unique animation when it comes to hijack a car or other vehicle from the driver, by pulling out a pistol that forces the driver to get out from their vehicle. While Thomas and Andrea will lost all their firearm after wasted/busted, Maria always manage to hide her handgun and it's available at all times, even if there's no ammo left.


Maria was born in Liberty City in 1993, to Sergei and Yulia Vinogradova. Sergei was a respected high-rank member of Petrovic Bratva  and he always aware about the safety and future of his family. Their family name are already well-known among other Russian criminals and Sergei doesn't want his daughter get a trouble because of that. He left Maria studied in various school such as East Holland High School with fake identity of Angel Hobbes.

However in 2008, when Kenny Petrovic son was killed and his garage was destroyed, add the chaotic situation between other Bratva around the city, Sergei comes more overprotective toward Maria and decide to hires a personal bodyguard to kept her safe. Unfortunately, this bodyguard constantly attempts to sexually assault her and at that time, Maria was to scared to report it to his father. It just a matter of time that his father knew what the bodyguard done and fired him, replaces him with another one named Maxim.

Maxim is the one who trained Maria with combat, especially shooting in hopes that she can protect herself soon. When she was 17, Maria reject an offer to a well-known Vescpucci University, hunt down for the previous bodyguard and kills him by herself. She somehow feels fascinated the moment she executed him, which lead her desire to "kill more bad guys". Sergei was proud to her and thanks Maxim for the service. Sergei even wanted to marry off Maria with Maxim, but Maxim was killed in a traffic accident before they have a talk.

The Bratva offered Maria to work with them when she was 20, but she refuses it as she's more interested to be a freelance assassins, inspired from many stories of other hitmen in the city and later works for different clients in the city starting from fellow Petrovic gang members to The Commission leaders. Maria used her past fake name: "Angel", as a codename. Many mistaken that she get the codename because she knows that her innocent looks will completely manipulate her enemies.

After her father’s death in 2015, Maria moves to Vice City where several employers whose already knows her reputation in Liberty City offered her a job. She also get to know an ex-crime profiler, Earl Livingstone who agrees to helps her mission.

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"I'm not guilty for that... or am I?"
―To Thomas after killing Charles Wagner
Maria can be considered to be attractive with her innocent facade, a look that equally fascinating and mysterious. Very suave and usually talk in a shyly tone, while at the same time can be overconfident, extremely arrogant and cold-blooded towards her enemies.

Maria was bit flirty to men, but not used it as strategy to distract her target. She know a limit of seduction and displeased to show her sexuality too much. She always think that men will more easily fooled with a 'shy looking girl' rather than 'openly sexual one'


"- *sigh* - Yeah, I'm Russian, but I won't hurt you. Unless someone asked me to do it."
―Regarding the 'American is good/Russian is bad' stereotype

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