Log Out
For: Lugiano Lupisella
Location: Lugiano's house
Target: Oliver Pegorino's computer
Conditions of mission failure: Player dies or gets detected
Reward: 2000$
Unlocked by: Tall Enough for the Ride
Playboy: "Hacking a computer? That's a piece of cake, money. But sneaking around the house? I ain't exactly a ninja."
Lugiano: "And I'm not a peacekeeper, but I'll try my best to persuade Jimmy. I reckon you do the same."
―Lugiano Lupisella and Playboy X talking about their plan

Log Out is the eighteenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to protagonist Playboy X by Lugiano Lupisella.


Playboy meets Lugiano at his house. They're about to find out when Oliver Pegorino next time meets his goons, the Angles of Death, in order to take them all down to save Jimmy Pegorino from Olivers plans to replace him as the leader of the Pegorino Family. Lugiano is going to have a chat with Jimmy at his mansion, and while they talk, Playboy needs to sneak in Oliver's computer and hack it.

Oliver drives Lugiano to the mansion and meanwhile sneaks around the house looking for the computer. He finds it and hacks it, gaining access to Oliver's e-mails. After that, Playboy sneaks out and waits Lugiano in his car until he's done with Jimmy.

Lugiano says, that he managed to negotiate peace with Jimmy, but Oliver is still a thread. Playboy takes Lugiano back to his home.


  • Get in Lugiano's car
  • Go to Pegorino Mansion
  • Find Oliver's computer - Don't get caught!
  • That's the computer. Hack it
  • Read Oliver's e-mails
  • Leave the house 
  • Wait Lugiano in his car
  • Get Lugiano back to his house

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Fast Hack - Hack Oliver's computer in 1:00
  • Vehicle Damage - Don't scratch Lugiano's car


The reward for completing is 2000$

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