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Edwardo "La Matanza" Martinez is a character and an antagonist in Grand Theft Auto: Online.


Early life

La Matanza (Spanish for "slaughter") was born Edwardo Martinez on April 20, 1985, in Bogotá, Bogota. He grew up an orphan, as his parents had both been publicly hanged on false accusations of running a drug cartel just days after his birth. He was placed in a foster home, having no other living family to reside with.

Early criminal life

As a result of his parents' executions, Martinez grew up hating humanity. At the very young age of four, he blew up the foster home he was living in with C4 that he had managed to smuggle in, killing everyone inside. He fled to Brazil, where he lived in a dumpster until he was twelve. He got his first real job as an assassin around this time. He became known for taking out lots of victims in short periods of time and he quickly became feared by the public. After he began being hunted by the government of South America, Martinez snuck in to the U.S. (specifically California) and continued being an assassin there. He also started serial killing as his hate for humanity had intensified when he began being hunted. He once again quickly became known to the public eye and was so greatly feared that the FIB were sent after him. Not caring about the FIB, Martinez was reported to have been hiding in Malibu and making base. Search attempts there were unsuccessful.

Pre-GTA Online

Martinez continued assassinating people and got his name, La Matanza, for the rather gruesome nature of some of his targets' deaths.

Events of GTA Online

Martinez continues assassinating people today and is heavily wanted by the FIB. Police worldwide have warrants to shoot him on sight. His current base is thought to be somewhere in East Los Angeles.



Martinez is a sociopathic man, always willing to kill people for money and always willing to go on killing sprees just for fun. He is very infamous for his crimes, hence why most people begin screaming and running away if they see him on the streets. Aside from being a killing machine, Martinez is very coolheaded and practical, never not seeing the logical side of things. His intelligence is part of what makes him so dangerous.


Martinez is very tall and muscular, with dirty blonde hair and ocean blue eyes. Not many know what he looks like, however, as he is always seen wearing heavy black clothing along with a ski mask which leaves only his eyes visible.


Stamina Shooting Strength Stealth Flying Driving Intelligence
Tri-Athlete Dead-Eye Bodybuilder Ninja Commercial Pilot Commuter Genius

Theme Song

Slipknot - The Devil In I