Writter RubenKratos234
Game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Release dates Worldwide:TBA
Website YouTube and Facebook
Engine Fighting, Drama
Protagonist Jason Hill
Location Los Santos
Setting 2004

Hill is a movie written and edited by Ruben Bernardino A.K.A RubenKratos234 and takes place on the city of Los Santos in 2004.


After a street fight in the streets of Los Santos, Jason Hill starts to get trained by a retired boxer named Liam Jackson. Liam sees in Jason, the heart and soul that he once saw in him and starts to train him. Hill is challenged to a fight by the self-proclaimed "King of the Streets" Danny Johnson to a street fight to see who is the real "King of the Streets".


Jason Hill (Protagonist)

Liam Jackson

Danny Johnson (Antagonist)

Louis Anderson

Miles Montogomery

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