Guardian Angels
For: Lugiano Lupisella
Location: Liberty City
Target: Oliver Pegorino and Pegorino's bribe
Conditions of mission failure: Player dies, Lugiano dies, player goes too close to Oliver
Unlocks: Exterminating, Going Up
Unlocked by: Money Solves
Lugiano: "Oliver, Jimmy's son. I don't trust that greaseball kiddo a one bit.. Does nothing but spends his daddy's money on casinos, ladies and parties. Making him the delivery man sounds kinda smart, doesn't it?"
Playboy: "So, we need to play guardian angels and make sure the money finds its way to rightful owners?"
―Lugiano Lupisella and Playboy X

Guardian Angels is the sixth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to protagonist Trey "Playboy X" Stewart by Lugiano Lupisella.


Lugiano hires Playboy to help him with some tasks. Jimmy Pegorino is trying to buy himself a seat in The Comission . He has sent his son, Oliver, to deliver the money to Lupisellas. Playboy and Lugiano must secretly follow him to make sure nothing happens to him.

Instead of taking the payment to agreed place, Oliver delivers it to the Angels of Death, to get them help him displace his father and take over the Pegorino family.

Playboy takes Lugiano back to his apartment and Lugiano decides to tell Jimmy about Oliver's plans.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get in Lugiano's car
  • Drive to Pegorino's mansion
  • Follow Oliver. Don't get too close!
  • Follow Oliver to alley
  • Get back in Lugiano's car
  • Drive Lugiano back to his apartment

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Shadow - Follow Oliver without stirring the Spook-O Meter

Post mission phone callEdit

Jayvon Simson: Hey, kid, it's me, Jayvon. Playboy X: And what might the uncrowned king of the assholes want from me? Jayvon Simson: Pay some respect for the OG's, kid. Come to my house in President's City, pronto.  Playboy: I'll come if I don't have anything better to do.. and I always HAVE. 

Post mission text message Edit

Lugiano: Come back here when you get a chance. As soon as possible, though.

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