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GTA: Vice City Dreams Main Theme

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Dreams
Developers Rockstar North
Publishers Rockstar Games
Platform XBOX 360, XBOX ONE, Playstaion 4, Playstation 3 & PC
Engine RAGE
Protagonist Ricky Jones, Roberto Santana & Gerald Holmwood
Location Vice City
Setting 1989

Grand Theft Auto series
fictional chronology

1961London, 1961
1969London, 1969
1984Vice City Stories
1986Vice City
1992San Andreas
1996Venturas Ventures
1997Grand Theft Auto
1998Liberty City Stories
1999Grand Theft Auto 2
         – Playboy Life
         – Danger Zone
2001Grand Theft Auto III
         – Mission Package
2005 - Vertigo
2007 - Ludendorff
2008Grand Theft Auto IV
         – The Lost and Damned
         – The Ballad of Gay Tony
         – Blood Money
2013Grand Theft Auto V
         – The After Dark Scene
         – North Yankton Stories
         – King of The Hill
         – Los Santos Chronicles
         – Rush
2015Vice Strips
         – Vice Strips Stories
         – Revolution
2016-The Alliance
2018-Guns of the Night
         – Vice City Undercover
2019-West Coast

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Dreams is a title in the Grand Theft Auto series . It is set in the year 1989 in a HD-Universe rendition of Vice City and it's surrounding areas, based off Miami and it's surrounding areas . Vice City Dreams follows the story of three different protagonists, and their roles in Vice City's criminal underworld.