Grand Theft Auto: Carcer is the sequel to Grand Theft Auto V. It is developed by Rockstar Games and features Carcer County, a large area featuring a re-designed version of Carcer City from the Manhunt games. The protagonist is a small-time thug and fugitive named Jack Benning who arrives in Carcer City after a narrow escape from San Fierro. In Carcer City and it's countryside, Jack encounters a bitter bike mechanic named Angus, a drug-crazed hobo named Darkel and even more unsavory characters in his quest for wealth.


Grand Theft Auto: Carcer takes place in Arnold County, and the protagonist is a small-time thug named Jack Benning. The game is more realistic than Grand Theft Auto V, and has a darker, more realistic storyline.


The vehicle mechanics are more dynamic and the vehicle controls are similar to those in Grand Theft Auto IV, but easier to handle. You are allowed to choose a few personal vehicles which Angus takes care of, for a price. The vehicles will be able to be customized with paintjobs, performance boosts, hydraulics, tire modifications and several more options.


There are 41 weapons in the game. All of them can be modified with extended magazines, scopes, visual customization and more.

More information coming soon.

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