Going Up
For: Lugiano Lupisella
Location: Rottendam Tower
Target: Escaping the Tower
Conditions of mission failure: Player or Lugiano Death, Going to far from Lugiano
Reward: Scorpion
Unlocks: Acess to Rotendam Tower, The House Wins
Unlocked by: Guardian Angels
"Why the hell would someone bring an army and helicopters with them to a simple chitchat?!"
―Lugiano Lupisella attacked by Pegorino Family

Going Up is the seventh story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to protagonist Trey "Playboy X" Stewart by Lugiano Lupisella.


After finding out Oliver Pegorino was giving the money Pegorinos was suppoused to give Lupisellas to Angels of Death, Lugiano decides to meet Jimmy Pegorino and his goons to tell the truth with Playboy X at the Rotendam Tower.However Pegorino althought doesn't believe that his son didn't bring the cash to Lupisellas but thinks that they're trying to cheat more money from him.

Jimmy ambushes Lugiano and Playboy, but Playboy defeats them and saves Lugiano, they go away to elevator to escape The Tower. Lugiano thanks Playboy and one of his men picks him up.

Mission ObjectivesEdit

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the Rotterdam Tower
  • Enter the Elevator
  • Defeat the Pegorinos
  • Enter the Elevator

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Time - Complete in 5:00
  • Unmarked - Complete with minimum damage on health and armor
  • Accuracy - Finish with an accuracy of at least 70%
  • Headshots - Kill 10 Pegorinos via headshot
  • Up and Down - Kill the Sniper in a chopper via headshot

Post Mission Text MessageEdit

Lugiano: You know where. ~ L.

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