"My American dream is bigger than yours"
―Cuts narrating his life.

Glory is Forever  is a storyline in Grand Theft Auto RevolutionIt follows 'Cuts', a self-made narscasistic schemer who enters the world of bodybuilding after being inspired by a motivational speaker, called Cheng. The storyline is only avalabile to the player when they choose the Bodybuilding background and unlike the other backgrounds only males can select this background.



Glory is Forever takes place between 2014 and 2016 for a brief period of time, in a redesigned version of the State of San Andreas,  Las Venturas, and the newly overhauled State of Robada


In 2016, Cuts, the protagonist is running from four police officers only to be hit be a police cruiser soon after. Two years later, Cuts is getting ready for work when an advertisement catches his attention, Mài kè Cheng, a motivational speaker with superficial charm and confidence inspires him to change his life. Leaving his apartment with a smile on his face, he "greets" his attractive neighbor, but his advances are quickly put down. On his way to work he looks at his reflection and isn't pleased.

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