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GTA IV: The World Is Not Enough

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GTA IV: The World is Not Enough
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Developers Rockstar Toronto
  • Rockstar Game
  • Capcom
Release dates

PS3 April 2014

Xbox 360 April 2014


Platform PlayStation 3

Xbox 360 PC

Engine RAGE
Protagonist Bernie Crane
Location Liberty City

Alderney State

Setting 2008

Grand Theft Auto IV: The World is Not Enough is the Special DLC for Grand Theft Auto IV, Developed by Rockstar Toronto and Published by Rockstar Games and Capcom.

The Game is placed in Liberty City and its protagonist is Bernie Crane, the old Friend of Niko Bellic.

Game will have 40 Missions, 3 new Features and 5 returning Features. Since Bernie is more a humorous character than a criminal, the missions won't have much gunfight action. Game is set to released in April 2014.


Bernie Crane or Florian Cravic is goes to Liberty City searching for job and meet with his old Friend Roman Bellic and then he starting to job with Unnamed man that train him into the Black side of Liberty City

This is the List of Characters known until now:

  • Bernie Crane : The Main Protagonist,althrough in this time will have a Little Bit diffrent apperance than in GTA IV Before. Since Bernie is a gay stereotype, he hardly uses any firearms, and most of the game's missions focus on driving, puzzles and minigames.
  • Devon McIntyre: A racist homophobic cop. The main antagonist of the game.
  • Kirk Smith: Bernie's rival in lifestyle coach business. The secondary antagonist of the game.
  • Molly Guerrero , Phil Graziano , Rocco Torres , El Diablo , Roman Bellic and Niko Bellic : People Bernie likes
  • Royce and Leona Mcintyre : People Bernie dislikes

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