Frosya Khachaturian
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: King of The Hill
Also known as: Frosey
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Date of birth: 1992
Nationality: Armenian-American
Family: Eduard Khachaturian (Father)
Alan Nazarian (Uncle)
Main affiliation: Miklos Lipton
Vehicle(s): Rhapsody
"If everyone could just wrap their house with aluminum foil, they would be safe, but no, "that's just crazy"!"
―Frosya Khachaturian

Frosya Khachaturian is a character in Grand Theft Auto -series, appearing as a stranger/freak in King of The Hill.


Frosya is a 21-year old Armenian-American conspiracy theorist. She's the daughter of Eduard Khachaturian and the niece of Alan Nazarian, both men being central figures in Los Santos based Armenian Mob.

Frosya is fixated on a one specific conspiracy theory about aliens, who are preparing for an intergalactic war by analyzing the human race via their trash, delivered to them by traitors among the townsfolk of Los Santos.

Events in King of The Hill

The First Encounter

Miklos Lipton encounters Frosya behind a Ammu-Nation store in East Los Santos.

Frosya immediately starts feeding Miklos her theories and promises to give him a reward if he will help save the world from belligerent aliens stealing people's trash. The word "reward" grabs Miklos' attention, she is the daughter of a late rich gang boss after all.

Frosya Miklos to destroy 20 garbage trucks around Los Santos, to prevent the aliens from getting their hands (or claws/tentacles) on them. Miklos agrees to do it.

The Second and Final Encounter

Sometime after destroying those 20 trucks, Miklos goes back to Ammu-Nation to find Frosya and to get his payment.

Frosya thanks Miklos for foiling the aliens' plans, but they're far from done. To end the garbage shipments once and for all, they must take care of Kyle Milligan, the head of the LS waste management plant. Miklos doesn't like where the situation is going, but heads to La Puerta, where the plant is. He gets to the nearby rooftop where Frosya has left some useful equipment

Frosya's equipment turns out to be a sniper rifle and Miklos refuses to kill Milligan for the sake unproven theories. Frosya demands Miklos to kill Milligan, so he can't send any more trash to aliens.

Miklos then has two choices; he can call Frosya and tell her he's not going to do it. Frosya will call Miklos a traitor and "one of them", before hanging up, leaving Miklos with no reward.

Or Miklos can grab the rifle and gun down Milligan when he leaves the plant. Frosya then rewards Miklos with her eternal love, which means an ability to call her to have sex. Miklos doesn't know what to think.

Special Ability

After completing her second encounter, Miklos can call Frosya for casual sex. After doing so, Miklos will gain full health and 50% of body armor.

Mission Appearances

King of The Hill

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