Finders Keepers
For: Billy Grey
Location: Alderney, Lost MC Club House
Target: the Angels of Death
Conditions of mission failure: Player is killed, the courier escapes, Billy is killed
Reward: 3000$
Unlocks: Tall Enough for the Ride
Unlocked by: The End Justifies the Means
Playboy: "Is your life always this chaotic?"
Billy: "Only in weekends."
―Playboy X and Billy Grey during the chase

 Finders Keepers is the sixteenth story mission in GTA: Playboy Life given to protagonist Playboy X by The Lost MC President Billy Grey.


After the last mission Playboy did for Billy, the rest of the Lost are ready for war with the Angels of Death. They're about to go interrupt one of the AoD's meetings and recruit Playboy to come aboard.

The group arrive where the meeting is set up. Playboy and Billy witness Oliver Pegorino talking to the AoD bikers. He says he has paid them a lot of money to help him replace his father and become the leader of Pegorino Family, and that he believes some one has got wind of his plans. He then leaves after giving another payment for the gang.

Billy then orders the Lost to attack. A shootout ensues, and Playboy goes after the biker with Oliver's payment. After getting the package, Playboy esacpes the AoD enforcers with Billy. They shake their chasers and Billy drops Playboy near Lugiano Lupisella's house. Playboy brings the money for Lugiano, who is happy and hopes he can settle their differences with Pegorinos.


  • Get on the Bike
  • Ride to the Meeting
  • Defeat the Angels of Death bikers
  • Get the courier!
  • Defend Billy from the AoD
  • Bring the money for Lugiano

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Unmarked - FInish with minimum damage on health and armor
  • Scrap Man - Destory 5 bikes
  • Headshots - Kill 10 AoD Bikers via headshot
  • Complete Carnage - Destory 6 AoD vans during the chase


The reward for completing is 3000$


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