Cutting Ties
For: Henrique Boabo
Location: Henrique's house in East Island City
Target: Joseph Hudson
Conditions of mission failure: Player, Henrique or Badman dies, Player gets arrested, Joseph escapes
Reward: 1500$
Unlocks: Make Your Move
Unlocked by: Breakdown
Cutting Ties is the twentieth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to protagonist Playboy X by Henrique Boabo.


Playboy meets Henrique again at his house. This time, Henrique is accompanied by his right hand man, Teafore, better known as Real Badman. After a short conversation, Henrique decides it's a good time to go meet his and Badman's former associate Joseph Hudson. Playboy, Boabo and Badman get in a car and go to the docks.

By the docks, the trio get themselves a boat and heads to Acter Industrial Park. Joseph is there, hanging out with his new friends. Henrique confronts Joseph, telling him he's about to cut his ties with him for good. Joseph says he knew this day would come and sends his friends to waylay Henrique and co.

Playboy, Henrique and Badman fight they way through their opponents while chasing Joseph. After reaching the top of the tallest building in the Industrial Park, Joseph tries to flee via helicopter. Playboy, however, brings it down with rocket launcher. The trio escapes by their boat.

When reaching the shore, Playboy briefly mentions his best friend and father figure Dwayne Forge. Henrique says the name sounds familiar and he'll call him soon.


  • Get in Henrique's car
  • Go to the Docks
  • Get in the Boat
  • Head to Acter Industrial Park
  • Chase Joseph
  • Take down Joseph's Helicopter
  • Get back to the Boat
  • Go back to Broker

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Time - Complete the mission in 8:00
  • Health - Finish with minimum damage on health and armor
  • It's My First Time - Destroy Joseph's chopper without missing a single rocket
  • No Survivors - Kill all Enemies


The reward of the mission is 1500$. Steve's Boat Thefts are unlocked.

Post Mission Phone CallEdit

Henrique: Playboy, my youth, I'm at Steinway Beer Garden. Come 'ere now. It's important. Playboy: What is it? Henrique: There's a person I would like ya to meet.. Playboy: Who? Henrique: Come and see, Rudeboy..


  • This is one of the missions where you are able to find a Gold Weapon. A Golden Pistol is located under the first stairs of the building Jospeh goes.

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