For: Dwayne Forge
Location: Northwood and Middle Park
Target: Jonnie Little
Conditions of mission failure: Player Death, the NDDD Members found You, Jonnie found you or any Molotov have fumble.
Reward: Molotov
Unlocks: Shopping Spree
Unlocked by: City Tour
"We're about to remind the DDD who runs this neighborhood. Jonnie Little is at the Middle Park now. The guy hardly ever leaves his house. Heh.. He'll wish he hadn't this time either."
―Dwayne Forge to Playboy X

Cremation is the Second Mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy life Given by Dwayne Forge to Protagonist Trey "Playboy X" Stewart.


Dwayne explains Playboy, that the Dominican Drug Dealers have decided to be the only gang in North Holland and declared war on Hustlers. To show them who's the boss around the neighborhood, Dwayne plans to kill DDD underboss Jonnie Little. A Molotov cocktail would be a fitting weapon for the job. Playboy makes a Molotov in Dwayne's house, and the duo then heads to the Park.

They hide behind a wall and sneaky throw the Molotov at Jonnie, killing him. After a succesful assassination, Playboy drops Dwayne to his house.


  • Take the Brandy at the cupboard
  • Go to Middle Park
  • Hide behind the Wall
  • Throw the Molotov and eliminate Jonnie Little
  • Go back to the House

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Time - Complete in 3:00
  • Scald - Kill Jonnie with only one molotov


No Monetary reward for completing This, but Player will have rest of the molotov and Molotov and Pistol always can be found in the Kitchen.

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