Description Edit

Contracts are lots of missions which player can accomplish in Grand Theft Auto: Mission Package. These missions can be cleared solely or jointly.

Joint mission is resembled with multiplayer in Max Payne 3 and Grand Theft Auto V.

Type of contracts Edit

  • Assassination
  • Theft
  • Delivery
  • Escort
  • Bombing
  • Investigation

List Edit

Lime text = Can be played with other players

Vice City Edit

  • The Grand Bankrupt
    Robbers : Crack the safe and getaway from El Banco Corrupto Grande.
    SWAT : Kill all robbers.
    Note : Robbers must protect safecracker from SWAT until safe is opened.
  • Legend of Damballa(Escort)
    Survive 5 minutes from 'zombies'.
  • Hole in One(Assassination)
    Kill the target. Target is riding Maverick in Leaf Links.
  • Canary's Sing(Assassination)
    Kill the target. Target is riding Marquis in Canary Island seaside.
  • Tank Top Fun(Escort)
    Blast all RCs which attacking client.

Los Santos Edit

  • A Slip of Tongue(Theft)
    Robbers : Steal cars as much as they can and bring them to Ocean Docks, or protect them from SWAT.
    SWAT : Kill robbers or retrieve cars.
  • Armed and Dangerous(Theft)
    Robbers : Rob the COGS jewelery shop.
    SWAT : Kill all robbers.

San Fierro Edit

Las Venturas Edit

Countryside Edit

Liberty City Edit

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