Colombian Mafia
Status: Flourishing
Gender: Male
The Colombian Mafia, sometimes called the Colombian Mob, is a criminal organization led by Pepe "The lizard" Oberto. The Organization is mainly based out of Carcer City, but has some divisions in Vice City.


The Colombian Mob began as a small 5 man robbery ring in south Smithsdale, Carcer city. Becoming more respected in the city ranks, The Colombian mob recruited more members, and elected senior Capo Pepe Oberto to lead the mob. About a year after electing Pepe, the mob expanded their horizons to landing their first cocaine deal. This growth angered the rival Smithsdale triads who had controlled the cocaine sales in Smithsdale. This move sparked a violent gang war between the two gangs. not ending until the murder of Pepe Oberto in a Triad drive-by shooting.

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