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This article Christopher Wells, is part of the AU Continuity, a alternated reality of the Canon Prime Reality. Meaning it's a what-if, or completely altered events in fanon terms.

Christopher Wells

Christopher's Mugshot before being released
Game  GTA 5 Online
Titles Recruited by the CEO of the Infinity Organisation
Aliases Wellzy
Westside Wellzy
Personal Information
Race Human
Status Active
Birthdate Unknown
Age 19
Gender Male
Height 5'10"
Weight  Unknown
Blood Type Unknown
Classification Anti-Hero
Affiliations & Groups
Hometown Origanlly from Cesnnock New Sout Wales
moved to Corlette, New South Wales
Home Country Australia
Group Affiliation Infinity Organisation
Previous Group Affiliation  Barton Street Gang
Occupation Recruitd by CEO of the Infinity Organisation
Previous Occupation  Leader of the Barton St Gang
Team  Infinity organisation
Previous Team Barton Street Gang
Partner Alex and Shani-Lee Morse
Previous Partner  N/A
Family N/A
Skills, Abilities & Equipment
Skills Weapon Mastery
Vehicle Mastery
Evading police
Abilities Peak Human Stamina
Peak Human Accuracy
Enhanced Lung Capacity
Equipment Good with every weapon he can get his hands on
Image Gallery

Christopher Wells is a Recruit of Infinity Organisation , and also leader of the Barton St Gang in Kurri Kurri, New South Wales . He is also a businessman, selling Marijuana in the Port Stephens (New South Wales), Kurri Kurri, New South Wales and Los Santos area.

Born in Australia in Cessnock Hospital. Lived in Corlette, and thats where he met Alex and be came friends with him as he went to Tomaree High School but was classified as a delinquent and a gangster or a thug.Before Christopher Wells was recruited into Infinity Organisation He was the leader of the Barton Street Gang.After committing a crime by selling Marijuana but as back stabbed by an associate that was in The Barton Street Gang betrayed the Barton Street Gang by joining the Lang St Lads Gang and snitched on him to the Police as he was arrested as he was arrested first.When Christopher Wells got arrested, he was charged with possession of 100 kilograms of Marijuana and was taken to the Supreme Court of New South Wales and found guilty of distributing and possession of 100 Kilograms of Marijuana and was then jailed for 15-20 years in the notorious Long Bay Correctional Centre But on the 10th year in Long Bay Correctional Centre he was released and he was forced to move to Los Santos in the United States,and that's where his new life begins. When Christopher Wells finally touched down at Los_Santos_International_Airport_(HD_Universe)  he was greeted by a character named Lamar Davis who gives him a untraceable handgun and drives Christopher Wells into the city. Lamar Davis then took him to a spot where he gave him a car to race in a street race. After completing a street race Christopher Wells was given a mission involving disrupting a drug deal and getting the drugs and delivering to a character Lamar Davis introduced him to know as Gerald G. When Christopher delivered the drugs to Gerald G He gave him $500 and Lamar Davis told him to go get some clothes because he looked "bummy as fuck" and that Christopher had gotta "better represent-ate yourself". He then proceeds to go to the Discount Clothes Shop and purchased some clothes.

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