Chaviano Crime Family
Chaviano Crest
Games: Grand Theft Auto: Rush
Leaders: Arlo Conchita Chaviano
Type: Criminal Mafia
Enemies: 20K Triad
Colors: Red


Members: Arlo Conchita Chaviano

Rosa Chaviano

"Life, Blood, Loyalty"
―Chaviano Family Creed

Chaviano Crime Family is a Cuban-oriented organized crime gang located in New Peachtree, Augustus.


Ronaldo's Regime


Arlo's Regime


Events of Grand Theft Auto: Rush



Family Structure

 Don Arlo Chaviano 

 Underboss Aldo D'Barra

 Consigliere Eduardo Russo†

 Caporegime Leon Galente

 Enforcer Conan Calhoun†

 Caporegime Vincent Angel†

 Soldato Josephine De Costa†

 Soldato The Bartender

 Soldato Roberto Rodriegez

 Soldato Johnny D.

 Caporegime Unknown

 Soldato Vasco H.

 Soldato Tony P‡

 Soldato Claudio R.

 Soldato Mikey

 Associate Dr. Luiz Salvo

† means deceased
* means formerly

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