A list of all major characters in Grand Theft Auto: Rush

Main Characters

Name Biography Status Mission Blip

Nathan Albright

Nathan Albright is the protagonist and only playable character of Grand Theft Auto: Rush. A hired gun for numerous crime syndicates across the city until a bounty was placed on him, and he escaped Liberty City in 2009. He resurfaced in 2014, in New Peachtree.

Alive Not a Mission Giver
Buddy "Bud" Winslow Buddy "Bud" Winsolw is deuteragonist character and best friend since their youth. Compared to Michael's serious and hot tempered personality, Buddy is a lighthearted and comical relief character yet he is as good as a hired gun as Michael is. Alive B

Adrian "Addie" Losner

Adrian "Addie" Losner is a deuteragonist character to Bud and Michael. Adrian is a tech expert and former police technician, although he never explains why he quit. Adrian is quick on computers and very handy when it comes to tech-based operations. He is a New Peachtree native. 

Alive AD

Central Characters

Name Biography Status Mission Blip

Arlo Conchita Chaviano


Alive R

Datable Characters/Girlfriends

Name Biography Status Mission Blip

Rosa Chaviano

Rosa Chaviano is the daughter of Cuban Don, Arlo Chaviano, and is only datable once Arlo grants you permission upon doing his requests. She is domineering, and considered extremely attractive. She also seems to share an attraction for Michael, due to his "dark aura", which finds very attractive. She eventually marries Michael.

Alive Rose Icon


Name Biography Status Mission Blip

Robert Crusoe

Cpt. Robert Crusoe is a member of the NPPD.

Alive CR