Carcer City

Carcer City at night

Carcer City is a Slum city located in the state of liberty

the map of carcer city

Carcer City Police Car

their police squad car.

United states and the location of Grand Theft Auto VI.


Carcer City Map

A overhead map of carcer city

Carcer city is a very dagerous and scary place. Riden with criminals and murderers, so there is a constant threat of being robbed, raped, or even killed. Throuought its infamous history, the city has ben the battleground for many violent gang wars. Though the crime level is off the charts, the city has a famously unfunded and dirty police force.


Many different varietys of people live in carcer city. From dirty cops, to Gang bangers, to mass murderers. Most all key characters in Grand theft auto VI live in carcer city. Protagonist Cole Roberts and his brother Allen Roberts where both born and raised in Carcer city. It is also the base of many criminal organisations such as the Smitsdale Triads, the Huntington Hustlers, and the Colombian Mafia.


In the game there are many valueable rescorces in the city. For example, in a city without laws it is very easy to obtain illegal contraband such as cocaine, methemphetamines, firearms, and marijuana. Thoug security is low, obtaining vehicles via theft is more challenging due to the fact that the citys inhabitans are hostile.

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