For: Henrique Boabo
Location: Henrique's house in East Island City
Target: Albanians
Conditions of mission failure: Player or Henrique dies, Player gets arrested
Reward: 1000$
Unlocks: Cutting Ties
Unlocked by: Tall Enough for the Ride
Henrique: "What would be a correct word to describe a situation, where some insolent bastards come to someone's territory without a permission and get killed for doing so?"
Playboy: " I don't know.. monopolization?"
―Henrique Boabo and Playboy X

Breakdown is the nineteenth story mission in Grand Theft Auto: Playboy Life given to protagonist Playboy X by Henrique Boabo.


After the mission Tall Enough for the Ride, Playboy receives a call from Hillside Posse leader Henrique Boabo, who helped him in the said job. Henrique is impressed of Playboy's skills and hopes they can work together.

Playboy arrives in Henrique's house and meets Boabo. He has planned some work for them. The Albanian Mob has recently been a pain in Henrique's ass and a lesson must be thought to them. Henrique and Playboy get on wheels and meet couple of Albanians near Burger Shot in Beachwood City. Henrique picks a fight with the Albanians and gets back in the car. The Albanians start chasing Playboy and Boabo, who lead them to an abandoned underpass.

Playboy and Henrique take cover and slaughter all the Albanians who arrive in the underpass. This caught the attention of the LCPD and the duo must escape the cops.

After the escape, Henrique greets Playboy for the job well done. Playboy is uncomfortable for killing so many law enforcements and Henrique's small reward, but Boabo just says he'll get over it and hopes he works for him again some time.


  • Get a Vehicle
  • Go to Burger Shot
  • Lure the Albanians to the abandoned underpass
  • Kill all the Albanians
  • Take down the cops in your way
  • Get in the car
  • Lose your Wanted Level
  • Take Henrique back to his apartment

Gold Medal ObjectivesEdit

  • Time - Complete the mission in 7:00
  • Accuracy - Finish with an accuracy of at least 60%
  • Headshots - Kill 10 enemies via headshot
  • 2 Birds 1 Stone - Kill two enemies at the same second by shooting a propaine tank


The reward of the mission is 1000$.

Post Mission Phone CallsEdit

Dwayne: Playboy.. Playboy: Dwayne! You sound worried. Dwayne: I haven't got any sleep for three days.. How is it.. Outside? Playboy: Dwayne, seriously, go get some fresh air. It won't kill you. Dwayne: You're right, it won't.. But SOMEONE MIGHT. I'm fine here.. Notify me when the heat is off. Playboy: What heat? Dwayne: Gotta go.

Post Mission Text MessageEdit

Henrique: Get yer ass over here, mon. Please.

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