Branston Irish Mob
Games: Grand Theft Auto: Danger Zone
Locations: Branston , New Hamilton City

Falcon Island , New Hamilton City
North Hamilton , New Hamilton City

Leader: Reagan McNaill
Type: Organised Crime Syndicate
Enemies: Jones Crime Family

Radamir Bratva
Southside Kings
Balduino Cartel
Las Tormentas
Antonelli Family
Silvano Family

Affiliations: Montana Gang

Acconi Family
Korean Mob

Colors: Green
Vehicles: Various
Weapons: Various
Businesses: Racketerring , Protection , Arms Smuggling, Extortion , Money Laundering , Drug Trade & More
Fronts: Several Bars

Duckland Docks

Members: Reagan McNaill (Don)

Domnall Mulligan (Underboss)
Nevin Donohoe (Capo)
Corey Madigan (Consigliere)
Cillian Quickley

The Branston Irish Mob is an Irish Crime Syndicate based in Branston, but operate in all of New Hamilton City


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