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Brady Smith is a character in Grand Theft Auto: Online.


Early life

Little is known about Brady Smith's early life other than his date and place of birth.

Early criminal life

When he was 16, Smith and a longtime friend robbed a bank in Paleto Bay.

Pre-GTA Online

Smith went into hiding because of a failed heist and went out of the public eye.

Events of GTA Online

In 2017, Smith came out of hiding and continued hanging out with his friend. On October 17, 2017, Smith went missing near a storm drain and after search efforts failed to find him, he was declared dead in absentia. To this day, search parties are still attempting to look for him, yet his current location remains unknown.


Smith was publicly mourned by supporters of Ryan Baker at a rally of his.



Smith was an odd person.


Smith had red hair and blue eyes. He wore an owl mask with a tuxedo t-shirt and white track pants.


Stamina Shooting Strength Stealth Flying Driving Intelligence
Healthy Spray-and-Pray Average Loud Dangerous Unlicensed Normal

Theme Song

Smash Mouth - All Star

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