Bloody Sunday
Bloody Sunday
For: Michael Albright
Location: Liberty City, USA
Conditions of mission failure: Busted


Reward: $25
Unlocks: Long Time Gone
"Empty out the house, then burn it down Bud"
―Michael Albright, 2009
Bloody Sunday is the first storyline mission in Grand Theft Auto: Rush.


Michael Albright and Bud Winslow have quickly emptied their spposed safehouse before Michael escapes. Using Bud, via a wireless headset, he escapes the city through a massive firefight against police and gangsters.

Mission objectives

  • Escape the safehouse.
  • Fight off N.O.O.S.E, then continue down alley.
  • Steal the car.
  • Fight off gangsters without leaving car.
  • Reach docks.
  • Fight gangsters hand-to-hand and kill them.

Plot and Walkthrough

Opening Scene

The scene begins with Michael and Bud packing up shirts and clothing into a suitcase. 

Fighting Gangsters at Docks


Closing Scene



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