Bison Ukrainian Mafia
Locations: Bison, Los Santos
Leader: Luka Rovozicki
Type: Ukrainian organized crime syndicate
Affiliations: Alan Nazarian
Colors: Teal
Vehicles: Prairie
Weapons: SMG
Businesses: Bank Robberies
Weapon smuggling
Loan sharking
Fronts: Pizza This... (Vinewood)
"During night and day, crime does pay. With wisdom they rule this city, long live Rovozickis."
―Gang's motto

Bison Ukrainian Mafia is a Bison based Ukrainian crime syndicate featured in King of The Hill and Los Santos Chronicles - Crime/Punishment, playing a major role in the latter.


"Our three main sources of income are in this order; weapons, bank robberies and loan sharking. So, it's damn right serious if one's loot "happens" to get lost! Bank robberies aren't like hookers - you can't do them every day."
―Lloyd Tederev

Bison Ukrainian Mafia, also known as Rovozicki Mafiya, was formed by Luka Rovozicki in Bison sometime in the 1960s. Since the gang has expanded their businesses beyond Bison, the FIB and the press have given the gang the nickname Rovozicki Mafiya. 

Rovozicki Mafiya's most powerful colony is in Los Santos, they were lead by Vladimir Zykarov. There, they run a succesful loan sharking and weapon trafficking ring. Bank robberies are also an important source of income for the gang.


Events in King of The HillEdit

In Los Santos, 2013, Alan Nazarian orders Miklos Lipton to steal a truck from the Ukrainians LS department, rig it with a bomb and blow it up near Triad property. Underboss, Hugo Yacksley, witnesses Miklos stealing the truck and is about to tell the Triads, but he and Anastas is killed by Miklos.

Events in Los Santos ChroniclesEdit


Known MembersEdit

  • Luka Rovozicki - Founder/Don 
  • Vladimir Zykarov - Los Santos Contact
  • Lloyd Tederev (replaced Aleksandr Tederev) - Underboss
  • Egor Evanko (Replaced Hugo Yacksley) - Underboss
  • Artem Antonich - Consigliere
  • Alexei Anastas - Consigliere
  • Alexander Babich - Consigliere
  • Floyd Bandera - Caporegime
  • Alexei Babyak - Caporegime
  • Igor Demko - Caporegime
  • Adam Kovalenko - Soldier
  • Maksim Pahk - Soldier
  • Daniel Dudik - Soldier
  • Sergey Dunay - Soldier
  • Ivan Dowitrowich - Soldier
  • Rousell Rovozicki - Soldier

Mission AppearancesEdit

King of The HillEdit

Deadly DiscordsEdit

  • Easy Piece
  • Clueless
  • Laundered
  • Last Will

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