Left Quotation Mark Nero
The tosser has some bollocks innit, and you’re gonna kick em' in for me, Tacer.
Right Quotation Mark Nero
Beat Down
Beat Down
Vital statistics
Game The After Dark Scene
For Tijs Bergling
Location Los Santos
Prerequisites None
Mission Failure Wasted/Busted
Rewards 4000$
Protagonist(s) Tijs Bergling
Frederick Slater
Madison Goicolea
Previous Next
Who's Afraid of 138? Harakiri

Beat Down is the fifteenth mission in The After Dark Scene stand-alone expansion, which involves the protagonist, Tijs Bergling.


"Get the fuck to the Unicorn, follow this gob shite home, and have a word with him. Whatever you do with the guy, make sure you get these damn photos. And try to make sure he’s still breathin' when you're done. He might be useful for some jobs we got comin' up."
Frederick Slater
Madison Goicolea, a ruthless celebrity photographer, calls Freddy and claims he has leaked Freddy's newest pornographic film that apparently involves a child. Frederick knows where the call was from, simply because the background sound of the call was the generic repeated music played at the Vanilla Unicorn.


"I can’t fucking believe this shite! Just got a call from someone at the Van U, and it seems this rash paparazzi cunt thinks he can blackmail me!? Got some weird photos and says I’m a nonce."


If the player spares Madison, he will destroy his camera memory card and will become available for heists as a hacker. Frederick will not reward you if he is alive but will thank you for acquiring a valuable asset.

If the player kills or Madison dies anytime during the mission, the mission will be deemed "complete" as long as you acquire the photos. Frederick will reward you with an extra $500, but scold you for not acquiring a valuable asset.

If Madison escapes anytime during the mission, the mission will be deemed "complete" as long as you acquire the photos. Frederick will scold you for not acquiring a valuable asset.


  • Get to the Vanilla Unicorn.
  • Follow the photographer. Remain unnoticed.
  • Beat up the photographer.
  • Pick up the photos.
  • Take the photos to Frederick.

Gold Medal Objectives

100% Gold Requirements for Pulp Friction
Mission Time
Complete the mission within 6:30 minutes.
Made Goicolea submit after two perfect strikes.

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