Arlo Chaviano
Arlo Chaviano
Appearance(s): Grand Theft Auto: Rush
Also known as: "The Cuban Devil"
Status: Alive
Place of birth: Havana, Cuba
Nationality: Cuban/Caucasian
Family: Ronaldo Chaviano

Ana Rodrigez
Rosa Chaviano

Main affiliation: Chaviano Crime Family (1980-?)

Michael Albright (2013-2013)

Vehicle(s): Black Inferus
Businesses: Studio 69

The Top

Voiced by: Sean McGowan
Arlo Conchita Chaviano is a character in the Grand Theft Auto Fanon series who appears as a central character in Grand Theft Auto: Rush. Chaviano is the Cuban Don of the Chaviano Crime Family, a dominant criminal organization based in the City of New Peachtree. He is voiced by Sean McGowan.


Arlo Chaviano was born in 1969, and is the son of the founder of the Chaviano Crime Family , Ronaldo Chaviano. Arlo got his start as an unofficial Enforcer in 1985, in the case of collecting money from local businesses and stealing cars for his father. Eventually, Arlo himself was made a Caporegime under his father in 1987.

In 1990, Ronaldo was placed on trial for his organized criminal activity and placed under house arrest with Arlo, who escaped conviction due to his father. Hoping to help his father, Arlo assisted in faking his death by killing a homeless man outside their building. The decoy worked, and Arlo gave his father the money to escape and start anew. With his father gone, Arlo now held complete control of the Chaviano Crime Family.

One year later; Arlo, who was helping illegal immigrants enter Florida, met with Ana Rodrigez and four months later, was married to her. It is hinted, though never confirmed, that Arlo was in military service during Desert Storm. Not much else is known of Arlo's history.

Events of GTA: Rush

Blood Brothers DLC

One month prior to the events of Grand Theft Auto: Rush, Arlo threw a party at the Hotel Gardens to celebrate his newest made man Aldo D'Barra. During the party, Arlo revealed to Aldo that he became a candidate for the mayoral election and wanted to have Aldo assist him in his campaign.


Unlike his father, Arlo Chaviano is ruthless and hot-headed, often preferring to settle situations with violence rather than reason. Many of Arlo's more violent traits have helped him obtain the name, "The Cuban Devil". Arlo, even though hot-headed, is able to keep his head clear in even the tensest situation. He is, however, a bit gullible though this flaw is corrected by his consigliere Eduardo.

It is hinted that Arlo served in the military, as he claims to have been part of Desert Storm and thus is considered an expert in many long and short-range firearms. He is also considered by many soldiers to be very competent in hand to hand combat. He cannot handle spicy food.

Mission Appearances






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