Max: "Sup dude, long time no see. hasnt it been two years"

David: "Who are you?"

Max: "Oh yeah, Gary told me you lost your memory. You helped me out two years back when I was left for dead in this city. You could have almost died but you helped me out, So i think it is time to help you back. Lets go to Duin, the bridge is open but the triads are still there"

David: "You better tell me more. I still don't get it, what is your name anyway?"

Max: "I'm your friend, Max Baker. Now we gotta go like NOW!"

- Max and David after two years

An Old Ally is the twelfth mission in Grand Theft Auto: Lost Memory given to the protaganist, David Hudson by Max Baker.

Location: Under Cinnamon Bride, Luken, Sundale

For: Max Baker

Rewards: $150 and a new safehouse in Duin.

Unlocks: Family Problems, Duin island

Unlocked by: Hydro Trouble

Mission Description

The mission start with David go to Cinnamon Bridge to meet with the guy Gary told. He meet Max Baker,the protaganist of Grand Theft Auto: The Alliance who David help him during his exile in Sundale two years ago. Max suggest they battle their way through the triads.


After Max suggestion,you enter Max's Landstalker. Max will shoot the triads while you drive your way through the bridge with some triads attacking. Use some grenades to clear the triads,after you pass the bridge,some police will chase you. Lose the cops and head to the new safehouse at Clear Sand Beach. After arriving,Max say Gary is at his apartment at Fluen so come soon. He left and the mission is completed.


  • Enter the car.
  • Drive to Duin and be careful with the attacking triads
  • Lose the cops
  • Go to Clear Sand Beach.


Duin is now unlock with a new safehouse for David. Player still could return to Luken but being attack by Triads is high causing David to take more cautions. The hitmen that Peter send is still active but become more seldom,the next missions is unlocked and you get Max's Phone Number.


  • When Max said that David could have died for helping him,this is a reference to Grand Theft Auto: The Alliance fourth ending which David will be killed even thought it isn't canon.
  • The triads won't attack the player if David enter Luken during a mission such as defending Harry's territories.